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A Hero's Worth

A Hero's Worth (Second Book in the Dragon Speaker Trilogy)

A Hero's Worth is a teen fantasy novel that takes place in medieval times. It was published by HIP Books in September 2009. Note that I'll be listed as D. M. Ouellet on the cover in keeping with its fantasy theme.

This was my first attempt at a hi-lo (high interest, low vocabulary) novel. A hi-lo novel is written with the reluctant reader in mind and is sold almost exclusively to schools as part of their reading program.

It's also my first experience collaboratively writing a collection of books with other writers. A Hero's Worth is the second book in the Dragon Speaker trilogy.

Back in the fall of 2008, I was offered the pleasure of working with fellow authors Cheryl Rainfield and Erin Thomas to put our heads together and come up with characters and a story line that would span a three-book collection.

Our cyber-guru, Erin, also put together a discussion board that we've used to record our character studies, plot lines and work through some of the kinks of three different writers writing a continuing saga that involves the same main characters.












 Front: Debbie Ouellet, Cheryl Rainfield, Back: Charlie Hnatiuk, Erin Thomas

As you've probably guessed from the series title, Dragon Speaker, the books are chock-full of dragons and wizardry, a prophecy and the return of a comet. It's been a real adrenaline rush for me to put together the story for A Hero's Worth and work with Cheryl and Erin on our characters. We met with our illustrator, Charlie Hnatiuk who did the cover and chapter illustrations for all three books.

As part of the process, HIP Books designed a teacher's guide to go with each book.

Dragon Speaker Trilogy

Book One: The Last Dragon

Book Two: A Hero's Worth

Book Three: Draco's Fire