Author and Poet, Debbie Ouellet


Earth to the Moon

"I like to think that the moon is there even if I am not looking at it." Albert Einstein

Since the beginning of time, poets, scientists and philosophers have gazed at the moon wide-eyed and wonder-struck. Released in 2009, the fortieth anniversary of Neil Armstrong's historic moonwalk, Earth to the Moon is a celebration of this sense of wonder. Its pages are chockfull of earth poems and moon poems, and all the glorious space in between. Within this anthology, the Vaughan Poets' Circle invites you to join us on a poetic journey from the Earth to the Moon.

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Earth to the Moon

Editor: Debbie Ouellet

Contributing Editors: Elaine Batcher, Allan Briesmaster, Lila Lerner and Maria Pia Marchelletta

Section Divider Illustrations: Debbie Ouellet

Contributing Poets: Kim Aubrey, Elaine Batcher, Rosemary Blake, Allan Briesmaster, Avis Brown, Maurus Cappa, Mauro Cappa Jr., Baila Ellenbogen, Arnold Friedman, yaqoob ghaznavi, I. B. Iskov, Lila Lerner, Sherry Levy, Maria Pia Marchelletta, K. D. Miller, Debbie Ouellet, Mel Sarnese, Sophie Soil, Elana Wolff

About the Anthology

Over the past two years, I've had the pleasure of being a part of Vaughan Poets' Circle, a diverse group of poets who meet the second Saturday of the month (September through May) at the Bathurst Clark Resource Library in Vaughan, Ontario to read and comment upon each other's poetry. The group, which I now chair, was originally founded in January 2006 by poet/author Dina Ripson Eylon.

Earth to the Moon was my first opportunity to edit a book of poetry. This daunting task was made so much easier by the wonderful support and direction of our contributing editors: Elaine Batcher, Allan Briesmaster, Lila Lerner and Maria Pia Marchelletta. Many thanks as well to Richard Grove of Hidden Brook Press for our cover design and all his other help.

While preparing for this project, we chose two timely themes: the Earth, in its ecological and mothering aspects; and - mindful that 2009 is the 40th anniversary of the first landing - the Moon. As it turned out, the book has two Moon sections: one expressing its lyrical and figurative impact, i.e., the moon of lovers and legends; and the other reflecting the Moon's astronomical and more literal properties.

We hope and expect this anthology will give its readers as much pleasure as we had in producing it.

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