Debbie Ouellet - Author & Poet


Legend of The Ring - Skinwalker Series




Legend of the Ring - Skinwalker Series is a fantasy novel for teen reluctant readers. With the great response HIP Books had to our Dragon Speaker Series, authors Erin Thomas, Cheryl Rainfield and I were asked to join forces again along with illustrator Charlie Hnatiuk. This time, we put together a trilogy with three separate books and separate characters. The glue that holds them together is the landscape, time line and challenges for a diminishing group of Skinwalkers in medieval times.




At the dawn of the first forest, clans of Skinwalkers and One-Skins lived side by side. Sometimes the Skinwalkers walked in their animal skins. Sometimes they walked in their human skins. Sometimes they settled in the in-between. One-Skins, the humans, were their friends.

But that was long ago. Over centuries, the One-Skins became more powerful. Some thought that Skinwalkers were evil. Some told stories of Skinwalker magic. Then, under the iron rule of King Rudgerd, soldiers began to hunt and kill Skinwalkers. Now the few remaining clans must live in hiding.

But all that is about to change. A secret Skinwalker – Lord Damon – seeks revenge against the One-Skins. With the help of an ancient ring, Damon wants to unite the clans and wage war against the humans.

The only thing that stands in his way is a stable boy. An orphan. A teenager who does not even know his own powers.